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Portuguese Summer part2

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Portuguese Summer part2I have been in Portugal now for 2 weeks Paul has phone to say he wont be coming out for the rest of the summer as his dad is in a bad way , His mum has asked if i will stay in the villa and look after it for them until the end of august, of course i said yes, but i was getting bored and needed to get some work as the little money i had was not going to last long.Since Paul went back home i have discovered that i love to dress up in his sisters clothing that she has left here , and boy has she left a lot of stuff, I have full shaved my body and have started to become quite good at putting on make up as well,Dare i say i look dam good when i am fully dressed good enough to fool just about anybody into believing i was a girl. the other thing is i have a real nice all over tan from laying round the pool all day.After a couple of days trying i managed to get a job in a bar on the strip in Albufiera basically collecting glasses and trying to entice people into the bar to buy drinks, i was not that good at it the guys would just brush past me because i was so small and most of the girls would always go over to Alan who also worked in the bar, he was tall very good looking had a great body and the girls loved himOn my second night i was standing talking with Alan watching how he approached people to get them into the bar people loved him and i could see why , during the chat he turned round to me and saidYou need a gimmick you need something to distract the fact that you are so small. I was a little shocked and asked him what he was talking about. He said "your GAY right...why dont you act a bit camp for the girls and they will lap it up and you can get them in the bar I protested..I am not gay,!ohhh sorry mate said Alan i just assumed you were its just that you look a bit feminine sorry i meant no offense, but think about it for a min you could put on a bit of an act and the girls will love it and we get more people in the bar, its a win win for us both you get to keep your job and i get to pick up more girls.I laughed do you think it will work?sure Alan said..just give it a try for tonight see how it goes.So i did and do you know did work the more camp i acted the more the girls loved it and they would come into the bar, every girl i managed to get into the bar Alan would give me a massive thumbs up.At the end of the night Alan had managed to pull this stunning dark haired girl and they were all over each other, she had this tiny little black dress on and very time she moved i could see just about everything she was wearing under it..which was not much. Alan begged and begged me to allow him to take her back to my villa somehow his smile won me over and i agreedso 15 later we are walking through the door of the villa and the girl is slipping out of her dress in front of me and Alan is kissing and exploring her body with his hands.I watched Alan pull his tee shirt off over his head kick off his jeans, his cock was big and very very hard her hands went straight to it and started to wank it against her body as they kissedI walked over to my bedroom and opened the door and was very shocked to see them both follow me in to the room , the girl kissed me and her hand went to my cock and rubbed it through my jeans, I looked up at Alan and he was just grinning at me,The next hour was a bit of a blur as the girl took turns sucking us both and both of us fucking the girl, i loved watching her face as Alans cock entered her pussy , it was big and she obviously loved it i was laying on my back with my cock pointing up when the girl straddled my body and lowered her pussy down to my face , and i gasped as i felt her hot mouth close round my cock and easily deep throated me. my hands moved up to her arse and pulled her pussy down , it was just so wet and perfectly smooth as my tongue slipped inside. Thats when thing went a bit i was licking my first ever pussy Alans cock slipped between her pussy lips and my mouth, my tongue was actually in contact with it as it slipped between us, then it was gone it had slipped inside her pussy, i was shocked it was an accident i know but as i lay there under this stunning girl licking her very wet pussy i was also give my first accidental taste of a mans cock , i quickly went back to licking her pussy but all the time my tongue was just millimeters from Alan`s cock,every few seconds Alan altered the angle of his fucking motion and his shaft would make contact with my tongue as i licked at the girls pussyI had forgot about my cock getting sucked now, all i seemed interested in was making contact with alans cock as it slipped in and out of the girls pussy, She was going wild as he fucked her grinding her pussy down onto my tongue and he was fucking her faster and faster, suddenly har body went into a spasm as she orgasmed, thats when i heard alam start to grunt and he plunged his cock in as deep as he could. i could feel her twitch as she was on top of me, but i could also feel alan balls twitch as the were in contact with my mouth and chin, he was cumming as well.Alan slowly pulled his cock from the girls little pussy and as hi did drops of cum leaked from her pussy onto my lips and tongue , instinctively i licked it from my lips, it was not unpleasant. it had a bit of a salty bitter taste but not unpleasant.The girl rolled off my and i looked up and saw Alan looking down at me smiling with his cock starting to droop.I quickly got up and walked from the room to get a drink i felt more of Alan on my cheek , i wiped it away and licked it from my fingers.10 mins later the girl walked out from my room with her dress on she was holding her little thong in her hand, i was still naked and drinking a coffee that i had made, she walked over to me kissed me on the cheek and handed me her little thong, she smiled and said " here i think you will look fantastic wearing it "with that she walked out the door.i pulled them on over my hairless legs and tucked my cock between my legs and slowly walked of to the other bedroom slipped into be and feel asleep.Part 3 to follow
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