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Swingers initiation (Part 2) Arrival

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Swingers initiation (Part 2) ArrivalSome encouraging thumbs up so I could seen the best is to come that will need to be split by another parts) So good news, Sylvie is now in good shape and she grapping her coat showing she?s ready to go the Club. So we arrived to the Club around 21:30. The Club is a former Bank so the first floor is the former Bank?s Client Services area so that his now uses Mainly as a disco floor where the Former clerk desk are now serving members alcoholics breuvage. The basement is where they are different rooms with different themes (gloryhole, room with mirrors allowing people seeing their sexual activity without seeing them....) which also we can find Bank vault now use for a room that peoples cane have sexual relations at same place for example we could see 2 three some MMF (heterosexual only)and besides a FFM (Lesbian Guys can touch only is wife) and you could be seen by another people that they could masturbate if they wants. First floors doesn?t have only disco floor but former Bank Manager offices and meetings rooms are used for different purposes like a Billard room with many couches allowing people to create a bounding to eventually when they matched or not going to the basement with their new friends. so at my arrival izmir escort on entrance Guests must dispose their winter clothes to the Club cloakroom So, already I could enjoying looking sexy women wearing provocative clothes where they could reveal or not feminine erotic beauty body parts. This moment was showing optimistic expectations for me still I didn?t not see the Club I began to describe before on thi story. so, they introduced me to their friends and I could dance with Sylvie and others of theirs friends women. The disco floor is really a good opening party to prepare potential sexual adventures in the Club different thematic erotic rooms later when the crowd will becomes excited and made people more horny alcohol helping also breaking fences . So,on the dancing floors Danser initiating contact with others participants and with permission allow between each other to commit really soft sexual act experiences. Even interactions is soft are really erotic but really stimulating it?s helping to warms the crowd for more decadent sexual act in Clubs rooms where sex acts are permitted or not and others rules specific to the rooms theme. For women, they are Club security Staffs ensuring that sex partners consent is granted by each person. so I have great izmir escort bayan fun on dancing having a lot of attention from provocative women club members. My popularity was leading me to succeed with a new sexual experiences. Unfortunately I finally understood wife was willing to explore potential experiences with but when their male partners learning I?m not with a lady I lost my opportunity. So I came back to my friends and telling about my conclusions. Pedro left to continue shopping with others friends and Sylvie bring me to another room where furniture allowing to have close contact and starting to chat about the cunnilingus I prodigue to her at Pedro living room. I asked if Club rules on this rooms allowing me to give her oral sex now and I want to recall to you she?s wearing fines lingerie showing her bare crotch I have already savoured. so I began to run my run on her vulva and vagina and I beginning by my favourite introductions where I caressing her vulva coming really close to her clitoris and her lips without any contact on these sensitive females erotical zone. When I could she produced enough cyprin juice I positioned my tongue between her rectum and love tunnel to let her know I could start rimming her rosebuds or climbing from escort izmir her pussy lips to he clitoris. If you select I choose her rosebuds you are wrong but we are early it this improving night. So I choose collecting all the. cyprin she produced and with my naughty accurate tongue stocking in her pussy lips all the juices. But I stop this first introduction not really close to her clitoris who starting to leave is hidden places on my first lick. The next step, I repeat the same movement and I each time I come more and more close to her clitoris. When you finally feel she ready for the great ones licking, I starting my licking by surprising her by targeting her rosebuds to measure her willingness or not and showing I could bring limits further. Feeling her positive reactions on my first contact to her anus, I continue to pursue my way for now stimulating her clitoris using all my earth to make her come. Once I now stimulating her clitoris, Pedro showing in the rooms looking angry complaining he was looking for us for a long time. He also mad with Sylvie recalling her that on their agreement together authorization must be granted by the other partners. She presents her apology but excusing that we began to dance want to have better quietness to talk and thing fell the way He found us. So we came back to the disco areas. Enough for me tonight the remaining stories should follow. Preview Pedro is ready to accept her apology but with interesting punishment to come!Stay on tune.
11-25-2021, at 12:29 AM

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