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Ana and another appointment with the gyno

Post #1

Ana and another appointment with the gynoMy wife called me at the office, saying her new gynecologist would come home in the afternoon for another session of her belly pain treatment.I almost came in my pants just thinking about that black Doctor shoving his huge black dick in Ana to relieve her pain?I asked her if she was excited about it and Anita said she was. And she added it turned her on just thinking about taking the treatment right in front of me. So, I rushed back home?A while later the doorbell rang. Anita went to answer it and a well dressed black man came in and he introduced himself to me.The good Doctor told me he was sorry to know about my wife?s affliction but it was pretty common in women her age?I told him I was glad that he could help my wife out.He added it was just an experimental procedure and he was hoping if I saw how it took place it might help my stress problem as well. He asked where we would like the treatment to take place and Ana said she thought it would be more comfortable in our marital bed. I told him whatever she wanted. The Doctor said he wanted me to understand that the treatment involved him inserting his hard huge dick in my wife's vagina and wanted to make sure I could handle seeing a black man doing that. I told him I had no problem with it.Then he said he was sorry but he did not have much time, his wife was expecting him home for dinner and we should better start. We went into the bedroom and he asked me to undress my wife for him. I was getting more turned on knowing I was undressing my sweet wife so a black man could fuck her at his will?but in the name of science?He undressed at the same time and when he took his shorts down I could see his cock was already half hard and a good nine inches.I saw Anita could not take her eyes off it as she lay back on the bed and spread her thighs for him. I told her I could not believe she was going to take all of that. She smiled at me and got ready for him?As he looked at my wife, offering her married pussy to him, the good Doctor started stroking that huge black pole that was getting bigger and harder with each stroke. The black man said she could not quite take it all the last treatment but he was hoping the lubricant he had injected in her would have lubed her cervical walls and it would be more stretchable this time. The Doctor asked me to take my dick out so he could see what she was used to. I did and I was as hard as a rock as he told me that my dick was a good eight and half inches, almost like his?He then climbed between my wife's spread thighs. He asked Anita to insert his hard cock for him so I could see that she was receiving this treatment willingly. Anita did as he asked and I saw her looking down knowing she wanted to see his big black cock going in her soft tight pussy too.I saw my sweet wife arch her back and moan as the Doctor pushed the thick black cokhead inside her. I had almost a painful erection from just seeing that huge black cock going inside Ana?s cunt and she willingly accepting it right in front of me. He watched at my growing erection and told me he was glad to see the treatment was working exceedingly well even for me. My wife cried in pleasure, as she came in a very loud orgasm. When she calmed down, the Doctor asked her if she was fine with that black dick?s size, as he worked more in her with each stroke. Anita replied that she was excited by taking that huge over sized black cock just in front of me. Then he said he could feel he was hitting the back of her cervix with the tip of his long cock but she was more stretched this time and he was going to stretch it for her.My wife started to moan loud as the black Doctor pushed more and more of it into her sweet tight pussy. He asked her if she was ready to take his cum and she cried a yes.I also told him to go ahead and do what she asked, fill her cunt full. He was pushing it hard in her now and saying he was going to inject his potent black sperm in that sweet tight cunt. Anita started to cry again and I could see she was getting another wild shattering orgasm as the Doctor filled her?He finally pulled his long black cock out of my wife, covered with both his sticky semen and her juices. Ana was still breathing hard and thanked him, telling she really needed that. I also thanked and handed him a towel to wipe his dick off.My sweet wife was still lying with her legs wide spread open. Her soft pussy lips were red and stretched open, as that sticky semen was leaking out of her. The Doctor looked at my rock hard dick and told me I had better put mine in her and get some satisfaction. I first went down and licked the mix of juices that was running down to Anita?s tight asshole. I then sucked over her clit. She shuddered and moaned, as she felt my hard dick being stuck deep in her sloppy used cunt. I also felt the black man?s cum all over my dick and I then came in Anita almost immediately. The Doctor was dressed now and said he could see he was going to have to make more of these house calls.He added, if I agreed, he could perform another treatment in Anita?s asshole; but then I told him I thought it was not necessary at all?After he left, Anita made me lay back on the bed and she rolled over me, straddling her legs on my head and pushing her well used labia onto my face. She ordered me to lick her mixed juices until she could come again on my tongue.I did what she wanted, starting to rub her soft clit with my lips. Soon my sweet Ana was crying in pleasure; screaming like a bitch in heat as she came in a very intense loud orgasm.As we were resting there recovering our breathe, Ana admitted she loved the way that black Doctor was treating her pussy and she was happy to believe that soon, after some more house calls, she would be absolutely recovered from her belly pain condition?
04-06-2021, at 10:19 PM

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