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FlirtingI got to work at 5 in the morning just like any other normal day. Start walking the building and getting everything ready normal chit-chat with fellow associates i get a text from her asking if I want her to pick up coffee. She knows the answer is yes and she says that she is leaving early and says I can put the order in now. I ask what she wants and she tells me what ever I order her will be fine. I get my usual and order her one. When she gets to work I head back to the office and sit down at the desk she leans down to set my coffee down. After weeks of flirting back and forth she is leaning down a little longer than what would be normal. I look and she is wearing a nice V cut shirt her leaning down I can see down her blouse and can see her big tits in her nice red bra. She stays leaning over long enough to make sure I get a good look than she sits down in the chair on the other side of the desk. She acts like she does not know what happened.... but she knows what she did to tease. She caries on conversation and we talk about work and what needs to happen throughout the day. After a bit we have to get out to the floor and we separate pur ways and see each other in n passing and continue our flirting we have been doing. I am up at her area making my rounds. I make a comment that I am going to get lunch. I make the inside joke to her that I am going to go for a drive if she wants to go. She syas she can go for a drive. We get into my jeep and she looks at the hand holds and says no handcuffs lol. I tell her I was not expecting her to gonfor a drive. We get over to chick fil a and I tell her to bad shes not on the menu she says she could be. On our way back to work I take a different way back and pull us under the overpass down the next shopping center. As I start to pull around I point out that I could pull pack into the bushes and no one could see us parked there. Thats one of the advantages of a Jeep. I make the comment eats not cheating. She bits her bottom lip and I take that as my opportunity and I drive into the over grown bushes. I get out and walk around to her door I open her door and she turns her body to face me in the seat scooting to the edge. I get close to her bother of us looking at each other wondering if our flirting has really gotten us to this point. I put my hands on her hips she bits her bottom lip again I slide my hands to the button and I undo it and slide the zipper down she lifts her hips just ever so slightly I pull her pants down taking her panties down with them. I pull off her right shoe and slide her pants all the way down her right leg and as I mover her pants put of the way this is the first chance I get to see her shaved beautiful pussyI lean down and as I let my first breath out she feels it on her pussy so close but still have not touched it yet. The next thing she feels it the tip of my tongue sliding between her lips to touch her clit. She leans her head back and my tongue begins to explore her pussy. Feeling her move and moan to my tongue. She grabs onto one of the handels in the jeep as she pushes her hips into my mouth. My tongue flickering faster on her clit. Kissing and licking her pussy looking up at her as she looks down at me just before she cums hard for ny tongue. She sits back in the passenger seat her pants still down around one leg as she is catching her breath. I get back in the Jeep and she is still breathing hard my cock is rock hard trying to rip through my pants. She looks over and then grabs the zipper and pulls it down my cock pops right out. No underwear she ask I go commando ever since I was in the army she leans down and runs her toung under the bottom of my cock as she holds it in her hand. She gets on her knees in the passenger seat as she licks around the tip of my cock before she slides it in her mouth. Sucking and sliding up and down I reach under her and grab her tits and continue my hand on her body all the way down to her pussy rubbing her clit as she sucks my cock. She can feel it growing getting ready to explode in her mouth and she does not stop. I cum in her mouth she sucks it all pulling every drop out of it.She sits up and we both look at each other catching our breath. We both fix our cloths and get ready to get back from lunch. We drive down the couple of parking lots and pull up behind the building as we get out and walking back to the store I make a joke dont worry i ve had a vasectomy so you dont have to worry about getting pregnant LOL.
04-06-2021, at 07:15 PM

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